Better late than never….!!

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So, the night I first flew out of a cold, grey Birmingham Airport and landed in the crazy madhouse that is Dubai back in November 2014 I remember looking out of the window of the taxi on the way to the hotel that was to be my ‘home’ for the next 5 weeks and thinking to myself ‘wow….I should really make sure I take a load of pictures and write all of this down somewhere.’

Whilst the taxi was flying down the seven lane sheikh zayed road at 1am I was looking at the lights all around me, the hundreds of cars whizzing around (including a couple of supercars and the biggest hummer I have ever seen) and the Burj Al Arab lit up mysteriously like a giant sail on the water.  It was so much to take in and arriving at my hotel I was completely overwhelmed by being told that my room was on the 42nd floor…….42 floors?! I don’t think I have ever been in a building that tall in my life, let alone stay in a room so high up from the ground!!

I arrived in the room and called home….I burst into tears. The balcony overlooked the sheikh zayed road and all I could hear was cars, the lights all around the hotel were flashing and sparkling even though it was the middle of the night, I was exhausted from a 7 hour flight sat by a lovely lady who spoke no English at all and spent the entire flight poking me in the side to assist her with making her inflight entertainment system work, and I think it was all too much! I cried myself to sleep that night and reminded myself whilst falling asleep that if I really, truly hated it, I could always go home… one would be cross with me and at least I had tried my best.

I spent the next 5 weeks in a whirlwind…..starting a new job which was completely different from what I had expected, desperately trying to get my documents and emirates ID sorted out so that I could get a bank account, a cheque book and then an apartment……. and with all of that, I never did get a chance to write everything down. 🙁

As with every expat in Dubai, I was only going to stay here for 2 years max. Well, 3 and a half years later I am still here, my husband and our dog have arrived and as the next chapter of our life starts (a new member of the team is due in October 2018…..more of that in my next post) I am writing it all down……better late than never!!